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Automatic Plastic Knife Packing Machine

The auto packing line are all researched and development by our factory,thecontroller of the machine is PLC, and the driver is is integral system of all the electricity, it is our honor because owing three patents .the maximize strengths ofthe packing line is the highest productivity effect,saving themanual labor,and also cut down the second pollution, it is supper fit the safe and sanitation requirement.
  • PPZBJ-450


The packing line is used for cutting and folding napkin, wet tissue, cutting the salt bag, pepper bag etc, then auto loading on to the follow packing machine, as for customer needing, the packing line can add straw auto loading equipment, cutlery auto packing equipment andalso disposable (sashi rib,tooth pick, tissue, soaps etc.) packing equipment.

Napkin Folding Unit: 

1 Model PPBZJ-450
2 Speed 20-150 bags/min
3 Napkin Dimensions 6 -17 inch
4 Folding Range 6-12 fold
5 Folding width 25-60 mm
6 Max. Napkin Rolls Diameter Φ900
7 Max. Napkin Width 450mm
8 Napkin Embossing Width 330mm
9 Power 3.5kw
10 Packing Line Dimensions 8200x1300x1800mm
11 Weight 1600kg

Horizontal Packing Unit:

1 Model PPB-260
2 Max. Film Width 250mm
3 Film Thickness 0.012-0.05mm
4 Packing Speed 20-150 bags/min

Finished Packing Size

Length: 100-300mm
Width: 30-80mm
Height ≤35mm
6 Power 3.5kw
7 Packing Line Dimensions 8200x1300x1800mm
8 Weight 1600kg

Auto-loading Unit (Salt Bag, Sugar Bag, Pepper Bag etc):

1 Model PPGZJ-200
2 Max. Loading Speed 150 bags/min
3 Max. Dimension 75mm
4 Control System PLC + Servo Motor
5 Power 3.5kw
6 Packing Line Dimension 8200x1300x1800mm
7 Weight 1600kg

Straw Auto-loading Unit:

1 Model PPXG-200
2 Straw Diameter Φ03-Φ06mm
3 Straw Length 100-200mm
4 Loading Speed 20-150 Piece/min
5 Power 3.5kw
6 Packing Line Dimensions 8200x1300x1800mm
7 Weight 1600kg

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Our Services:
1. Warranty: 1 year warranty after installation, if the spare parts is broken in the warranty period, we will send a free replacement parts as free.
2. Installation and training: we can send 1-2 engineers to install and set up the machine, but all the charges should be paid by buyer.
3. Quotation: valid for 60 days.

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