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Automatic Plastic Lid Dish Thermoforming Making Machine for PP PS BOPS Materials

This machine takes advantage of mould with rules steel knife for performing forming and cutting in the same station. and the second and the third cut-station are available for performing function of post-trim and hole-punch.
It is perfect for making part of PP, PET, PS etc and completely automatically produces disposable rectangular or square or round shaped roll-edged containers and trays with forming, trimming, and stacking conveying on one operation cycle.
  • PP-750

1.Use Steel-Rule-knife for performing forming and cutting in the same station
2.Trim-in-place for processing PP, PET, PS, PVC, BOPS material etc. specially perfect for PP . 
3.Automatic stacking, counting unit and conveying system 
4.Trim-in-place for parts with rolled edge (turn-down lip) 
5.Technology of trim-in-place brings a neat and identical trimming(cutting)  
6.Plug assistant for deep forming of draw 
7.Floating knife and free knife are available for post-trimming film with high shrinkage rate. 
8.Extra Contact Heat plate for Minimizing power consumption is available.   

Technical Parameter:

1  Max. Mould Area                           800*600mm                   
2  Max. Depth of Draw under sheet  120mm (others at request)
3  Max. Depth of Draw above sheet  30mm (others at request)
4  Max. Clamping Force  750KN
5  Suitable Material    PP, PET, PS, PVC, BOPS
6  Sheet Width                        460- 850mm
7  Material Thickness Range    0.2-1.5mm
8  Max. Material Roll Diameter    1000mm
9  Max. Dry Run Speed  45 Cycles/min
10  Power Supply   3-N AC380V±15V,(others at request)
11  Power Consumption  Approx.35kilowatts/hr
12  Air Pressure   0.7Mpa
13  Air Consumption   2500 Liters/min
14  Cooling Water Consumption    13 Liters/min 15° - 20°C
15  Dimensions  9.5m*2.2m*2.2(L*W*H)

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Our Services:
1.Warranty:1 year warranty after installation, if the spare parts is broken in the warranty period, we will send a free replacement parts as free.
2.Installation and training: we can send 1-2 engineers to install and set up the machine, but all the charges should be paid by buyer.
3.Quotation: valid for 60 days.

Packaging Shipping:

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