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PPBG-500 lid forming machine is a new type one that combines advantages of several types of main forming machines and also brings to more improvement and innovation.
With easy operation, calm running, convenient maintenance and stable function.
It can produce PVC, PS, PET etc. All kinds of covers.
  • PPBG-500

1.The original cast of the fuselage structure lathe spindle using special steel after quenching and tempering straightening treatment,good durability,stability and reliable performance.
2.The use of parallel shaft helical gear reducer directly connected hard drive compared to other chain of transmission equipment more torque,while avoiding the belt due to the emergence of long-term operation of the device slipping out of line or chain and other problems casued by energy waste.While reducing equipment noise.
3.Servo drive traction control system,the choice of Taiwan on the silver ball screw,the production procee accumulated error does not exceed 0.2mm,to ensure product quality and reduce scrap rates.
4.The modular body,support extended functionality.Independent heating control,effectively improve production efficiency thick sheet.
5.Following the improved control system and mold structure (pressurized cylinder die station) can be very smooth production punch,assisted stretch forming,die,such as mold,according to the different characteristics of product,the freedom to choose different molding the way.Rapid changeover.
6.The use of numerical control system,high precision and strong anti-interference ability.To ensure long-term stable operation of equipment.
7.DC motor adopts full pneumatic components Germany JSCC brands supplied by SMC,low-voltage electrical supply by Schneider.
8.The discharge independent drive system,effectively weakening the sheet euqipment requirements and provide stability,and convenience.
9.The original telescopic structure design,customer without having to remove the device easily mounted lift device.Field equipment installation is completed and then adjust the pitch.Equipment length 3.8m-2.3m.

Technical Parameter:

1 Working Speed 10-32 Cycles/min
2 Stroke Range 30-340mm 
3 Max. Forming Depth 50mm
4 Max. Forming Area 480×320mm
5 Voltage  380V/50Hz (Three Phase, Four Wires)
6 Main Motor Power 3kw
7 Heating Power 12kw
8 Servo Power 0.75kW
9 Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
8 Air Consumption ≥ 0.22 m3/h
9 Cooling Water Consumption Normal Tap Water Recycle Cooling
10 Noise 75Db
11 Machine Dimension 2760×950×1720mm
12 Weight 1900kg

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Our Services:
1.Warranty:1 year warranty after installation, if the spare parts is broken in the warranty period, we will send a free replacement parts as free.
2.Installation and training: we can send 1-2 engineers to install and set up the?machine, but all the charges should be paid by buyer.
3.Quotation: valid for 60 days.

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Polyprint Machinery is one of the first company specialized in manufacturing extruder, thermoforming machine, plastic cup making machine, lid forming machine, cup lip curling machine, cup packing machine and cup printing machine since 2006.

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