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Single/Double Layer Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line

PPSJ-Extrusion series is special for made the high quality sheet of multi-layer,surface coating or multi-layer laminating to designed,suitable for the variety capacity production and the sheet can be divided into two layer,five layer,seven layer to meets differnt customer demand,which equipped with well known brands ensure efficency and stablility.
Note: We could make the machine according to cutomer's request.
  • PPSJ

1. The plastic ps sheet extruder unit is a combination of Extruder, calender, haul-off unit, winder (including waste sheet winder) and electric control cabinet.
2. The main parts, such as screw, barrel, screen exchanger, adopt superior alloy steeel(38CrMoAIA) with high hardness, strong corrosions resistance and long operating life after nitrogen treatment.
3. The screw adopts big L/D (length and diameter) ratio, equal plasticization and high plasticizing capability.
4. Non-stop fast screen changer with double-sieve, controlled by hydraulic device, the operation is conventient and improve the production efficiency.
5. The Calender, haul off unit and winder adopt integration design, nice appearance, convenient and fast installation and adjustment.
6. The extruder adopts square steel, to make sure the machine works stably in high speed, the motor is connected with gear box directly, Improve production efficiency.
7.Usage:It's designed to produce monolayer PP/PS/PE plastic sheet, which is used for making disposable water drinking cups, ice-cream cups, yoghurt cups , lids, dishes, plates and etc.

Main Technical Parameter:

1 Model PPSJ-100 PPSJ-120 PPSJ-150
2 Industry Voltage 380V, 50HZ (3-Phase, 4-Wires)
3 Suitable Material PP, PS PP, PS PP, PS
4 Main Extruder Dia. 100mm 120mm 150mm
5 Screw L/D 33:1 33:1 33:1
6 Max. Capacity (PS) 300kg/h 520kg/h 800kg/h
7 Extruding Motor Power 75kw 132kw 200kw
8 Max. Sheet Width 750mm 750mm 850mm
9 Valid T-die Width 850mm 850mm 1000mm
10 Sheet Thickness Range 0.3-0.2mm 0.3-2.5mm 0.4-2.5mm
11 Roller Diameter 400X1000mm 500X1000mm 600X1200mm
12 Machine Installed Power 160kw 220kw 350kw
13 Overall Dimension 14X2.5X4m 15X3X4.5m 64X3.5X4.8m

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Our Services:

  1. Warranty:1 year warranty after installation, if the spare parts is broken in the warranty period, we will send a free replacement parts as free.

  2. Installation and training: we can send 1-2 engineers to install and set up the machine, but all the charges should be paid by buyer.

  3. Quotation: valid for 60 days.

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