A Consideration of The Parts of Cup Lid Machine

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The parts of the cup lid machine are worth considering a lot, because it is very easy to have problems, so what is the specific situation?

Under the premise of satisfying the use function, the designer must consider the design of the cup lid machine parts have good workmanship. We strive to achieve high productivity, low material consumption and low cost in the manufacturing and use process.

When considering the manufacturability of parts structure, we should first fully consider the manufacturability of parts in all stages of production and use, such as blank manufacturing, cup machining and heat treatment, surface coating, assembly adjustment, inspection and transportation, use and maintenance, recycling of useful materials after scrap and so on. When there is a contradiction between the requirements of various aspects, it should be comprehensively considered unified solution.

Second, when the production batch, production conditions, the use of the situation is not the same, the technical requirements of the structure is also different, should be based on different specific conditions. The appearance of new technology, new material and new equipment has great influence on the structural design of the beaker, so designers should keep mastering new technology to improve the design quality.

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