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Cup Thermoforming Machine
Lid Forming Machine
Packing Machine
Paper Straw Making Machine
Tilt Cup Thermoforming Machine
PPTF-70T Automatic Thermoforming Machine special designed for high quality cups. Servo motor for sheet feeding and plug system. The whole line controlled by PLC. It is operates man-interface, which can works all by itself. Feeding system droved by chain and it adopt cam forming and cutting method. This is an automatic and efficient plastic cup forming machine which include feeding, heating, pulling, forming, cutting and stacking.
1.Rapid mould changing device.
2.Buffer design is adopted for the width of chain holder thus eliminating chain binding condition.
3.resulting from insufficient heating of sheet.
4.Up and down ceramic heater are adopted for heating with several sets of SSR and PID temperature control.
5.Automatic stacker system.
6.PLC and humanized color touch screen control operation interface.
7.Mould automatic memory system.
Cup Lid Thermoforming Machine
PPBG-520 Automatic Thermoforming Machine, as the first domestic new-type machine, is researched and developed by our scientific researcher according to the market demands and our past production technology. This machine is a multi-station automatic machine, which solve the problems of food packaging hygiene standards.  It not only solves a lot of problems effectively in the production of PP, PS, PET, PVC and PLA plastic products, such as large capital investment, large labor input, complicated production process, lower hygienic security, etc, but also has extensive usage.  It can be used in the production of PP, PS, PET, PVC, PLA plastic products using in metals, food, pharmaceutical, etc.  The machine enjoys beautiful appearance and good price.  It is popular with the customers at home and abroad !
Cup Counting&Packing Machine
This cup counting&packing machine is designed by our company according to the market needing.It can be count&pack cups from 1 to 100 pcs(the counting range).It is controlled by PLC system and servo motor with easy operation.
It used for counting,packing disposable cups.

1. This Machine is with PLC program control, with function of stacking, counting, bag/film sealing&cutting. (customer can order date printing machine also)
2. The main parts used in this machine are with high quality, international brand for pneumatic elements, PLC and frquency inverter.
3. Machine with stable running, easy operation features, double frequnecy inverter control, bag length cutting at random, temperature control by PID, convenient for all kinds of material bag/film.
4. Cup counter is with double servo motor, double way counting, which makes output higher
5. Production speed is adjustable, cup counting range is from 1-100.
Paper Straw Making Machine
Paper Straw Making Machine is suitable for different diameter (5-12 mm) paper tube production, such as paper straw, pen tube.

1. Machine adopts Siemens PLC control, all data can be display in the touch screen.
2. Numerical control servo cutter device, high precision cutting;
3. Automatically cut, automatically fall pipe, automatically change speed and revert;
4. Round knife cutting, incision more smooth, performance more stable;
5. With online multi-cut blades, no need secondary cutting, save labor and time.
6. Stainless steel gluing box, with polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife, durable in use;
7. Machine adopts Flange for fix the mandrel.
8. Machine supply of lubricant automatically.

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Plastic Lid
Paper Straw
Chamshell Box
Plastic Cup

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