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Automatic Postive & Negative Pressure Plastic Thermoforming Machine

  • PPBG-600


1) Control system: The machine realizes the full automatic control of the equipment through the combination of PLC, 3D industrial man-machine interface, servo motor, photoelectric, temperature module and other systems. The operation is simple and intuitive, reducing the requirements of operation technicians, and zero basic staff can operate is our pursuit.

2) Traction: High-power servo traction sheet feeding device ensures the traction length of sheet (thickness: 0.1mm-1.5mm) and accuracy: ±0.05mm.

3) Structure: The four driving stations of forming, punching, punching and stacking are independently controlled by Delta servo motor. The five-sided machining center imported from Germany has refined carving, which ensures high efficiency and stability of production with high precision.

4) Forming: far-infrared ceramic heating brick, super long upper and lower heating system and positive and negative pressure forming device are adopted to ensure the high difficulty material and temperature resistant material can be heated evenly, baked thoroughly, multi-function forming control, ensure the product thickness is uniform and the appearance is exquisite, and ensure the yield reaches 99.9%.

5) Molds: aluminum alloy (imported breathable aluminum) for forming molds is CNC precision engraving and milling, with positive and negative pressure and water circulation structure; The punching mould is made of DC53 steel hardware knife or laser knife (depending on the product); The punching die is made with a movable structure laser cutter, which improves the punching accuracy (within ±0.2mm error), reduces the cost of the die, shortens the manufacturing cycle of the die, and makes the die change simple.

6) Complete machine: welded steel box, firm structure, no deformation, bracket and box are formed by pressure, high compactness (weight 6500KG), shape with sliding door design, beautiful and generous, convenient maintenance and operation.

Technical Parameter:

Description PPBG-600
1 Suitable Products Disposable Plastic lids, clamshell boxes, plates, (egg) trays etc.
2 Suitable Material PP, PS, PET, PVC and PLA
3 Max. Sheet Width 640mm
4 Max. Forming Width 600mm
5 Max. Forming Length 500mm
6 Max. Forming Depth 120mm
7 Max. Cutting Speed 10-40 Cycles/min
8 Material Thickness 0.1mm-1.5mm
9 Heating Power 58KW
10 Motor Power 28kw
11 Machine Total Power 96kw
12 Power (3-phases, 4-wires) 380V/ 50HZ (different voltage with different price)
13 Pressure of Water Supply 0.2MPa                                                              
14 Water Consumption 0.3m3/h (Tap water or Circulating cooling water)
15 Air Exhaust Volume ≥1m3/min
16 Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
17 Machine Install Size 7×2×2.4mm
18 Machine Packing Size 7.2×2.2×2.6mm
19 Weight 9000KG
20 Cutting Mould Type Laser Knife


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