• Jun
    Online Canton Fair 2020

  • Jun
    Meltblown Nonwoven Production Line

    Meltblown nonwoven is by the one-step process used to convert thermoplastic resins into fibrous nonwoven materials and is capable of producing microfibers with diameters 0.5-5 micron range. It is opacity, low abrasion resistance, no stimulation smell. It is an important component in the manufacture

  • Feb
    The Impact of The Lid Machine For Life

    As we all know, most cups need LIDS, even for single-use plastic cups. As a kind of machine lid production equipment, lid machine is undoubtedly the production of disposable plastic lid main equipment. This machine belongs to a kind of injection molding machine, it is through the mold processing to

  • Jan
    Cup Printing Machine Loading To Indonesia

  • Jan
    New Year's First Container

    The first container to Afirca

  • Dec
    Metallographic test

    Metallographic test plays an important role in the fracture failure analysis of LIDS. In some failure analyses, the nature and cause of the accident can be determined by metallographic test. The reason of failure can often be determined by metallographic test for damage caused by process cracks and

  • Dec
    Problems with the lid machine

    Overflow, that is, in the molding process cut out of the material particles failed to fully put into the bowl, resulting in a part of the material particles fell on the edge of the bowl, mold after the formation of redundant parts. The greatest risk of overspill is that it may enter the beverage dur

  • Nov
    How to improve the production health of lid machine?

  • Nov
    What Are The Advantages of The Lid Machine

    Double station independent unwinding frame, equipped with automatic lifting function.Two - station electric furnace, improve the production speed.The electric furnace is divided into two parts: preheating and heating.The formed heating plate is automatically closed and opened, which can delay starti

  • Oct
    The Plane Mechanism of The Lid Machine

    The basic content of plane mechanism force analysis of the cup lid machine is that when the size, mass distribution and movement of the mechanism are known, the constraint reaction force in each moving pair is determined according to the external force acting on each component of the mechanism, and

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