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    Take you see the exhibition

  • Mar
    Chinaplas 2021

    We will take part in Chinaplas on April 13-16, 2021.Address: Shenzhen International Exhibition CenterWelcome to our booth: 2Q07

  • Jan
    Plane Mechanism of Cup Lid Machine

    The basic content of force analysis of the plane mechanism of the cup cover machine is that when the size, mass distribution and movement of the mechanism are known, according to the external forces acting on the components of the mechanism to determine the restraint reaction in the motion pair, and

  • Dec
    Innovation of cup lid machine

    1. The cup lid machine market is becoming increasingly monopolized: it is predicted that with the entry of foreign enterprises into the Chinese market, some uncompetitive paper cup machine enterprises in China will be acquired, merged or go bankrupt by foreign enterprises, and some products will be

  • Dec
    Safety Check Item of Cup Lid Machine

    Check the screws and nuts of each movable part of the whole machine when off duty and on duty to prevent them from becoming loose. In case of similar cases, they must be reinforced in time. The second is to mechanical equipment access to the problem of wire safety inspection, is stagnant there are r

  • Dec
    Production Situation of Automatic Cup Lid Machine

    The automatic lid machine can be used to produce many types of lids. According to different plastic cups, customers can customize different lids. Nowadays, many people don't like to use cup lids for tea, and think that cup lids are useless, but we feel that cup lids are more necessary for tea. The

  • Nov
    The Market Situation of Lid Making Machine

    The popular instant drink advertisements on TV are all using cup lids. This is just like what Xiang Piao Piao said in the advertisement, the lid of the milk tea sold in one year can circle the earth twice. In addition, the common beverages in life are basically bottled products, but they are all bot

  • Nov
    The Use of Plastic Machinery

    The control of ordinary plastic machinery is relatively simple, and most of the machines are single-machine operation, which is limited by the level of mechanical reliability. Plastic machinery does not have high requirements on the reliability of the control system. Therefore, the special con

  • Nov
    The Character of Automatic Plastic Lid Machine

    Now the mainstream of cup is automatic plastic lid machine, low heat resistance as a result of the plastic material itself, and chemical properties of stability, low cost, good corrosion resistance, so used to the glass industry is very common, but also due to the high plasticity plastic now makes t

  • Oct
    Auxiliary Function of Automatic Cup Lid Machine

    The main role of the automatic cup lid machine is to produce plastic cup lid. As an auxiliary equipment, it is also a kind of sheet metal machinery. Most of the materials used in this machine production are plastic, and plastic materials are the main components of most containers.The disposable plas

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