• Oct
    Auxiliary Function of Automatic Cup Lid Machine

    The main role of the automatic cup lid machine is to produce plastic cup lid. As an auxiliary equipment, it is also a kind of sheet metal machinery. Most of the materials used in this machine production are plastic, and plastic materials are the main components of most containers.The disposable plas

  • Oct
    A Consideration of The Parts of Cup Lid Machine

    The parts of the cup lid machine are worth considering a lot, because it is very easy to have problems, so what is the specific situation?Under the premise of satisfying the use function, the designer must consider the design of the cup lid machine parts have good workmanship. We strive to achieve h

  • Oct
    The 128th Online Canton Fair

  • Oct
    The Quality of Automatic Thermoforming Machine

    How to judge the quality of automatic thermoforming machine? Every machine is not perfect. Automatic thermoforming machine is no exception. In some cases products produced may have no disadvantages. How to identify the product? It can be judged from several aspects.

  • Jun
    Online Canton Fair 2020

  • Jun
    Meltblown Nonwoven Production Line

    Meltblown nonwoven is by the one-step process used to convert thermoplastic resins into fibrous nonwoven materials and is capable of producing microfibers with diameters 0.5-5 micron range. It is opacity, low abrasion resistance, no stimulation smell. It is an important component in the manufacture

  • Feb
    The Impact of The Lid Machine For Life

    As we all know, most cups need LIDS, even for single-use plastic cups. As a kind of machine lid production equipment, lid machine is undoubtedly the production of disposable plastic lid main equipment. This machine belongs to a kind of injection molding machine, it is through the mold processing to

  • Jan
    Cup Printing Machine Loading To Indonesia

  • Jan
    New Year's First Container

    The first container to Afirca

  • Dec
    Metallographic test

    Metallographic test plays an important role in the fracture failure analysis of LIDS. In some failure analyses, the nature and cause of the accident can be determined by metallographic test. The reason of failure can often be determined by metallographic test for damage caused by process cracks and

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