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Screw Air-cooled Air Compressor


1. The unit is full cover box type, including screw host, motor, exhaust system, fuel injection and oil and gas separation system, cooling system, control system and electrical system in one. No special foundation, handling, installation is extremely convenient;

2.Air compressor has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, low input cost, low maintenance cost, high efficiency, high quality, low noise, low vibration, easy operation, easy maintenance, long life, automatic intelligent control;

3. Efficient, reliable, imported from the top of the screw host, as the third generation product of today's international most advanced brand, with the asymmetric tooth rotor and outstanding performance, the machining accuracy is easy to guarantee, high compression efficiency, high efficiency advantages far superior to other similar brand, with its unique design, sophisticated manufacturing must by all over the world, and to test and market;

4. Swedish ABB electrical control system, full intelligent control system, Chinese and English LCD screen, with self-diagnosis and protection device; Remote control and multi-host interlocking control, unattended, high-tech operation;

5. Intelligent automatic control of air volume, automatic stop and automatic starting of idle car for a long time to ensure the energy saving of more than 25%;

6. The unit adopts PLC control, full Chinese display, display all status information, fault alarm information, parameter setting, temperature and pressure, total running time and loading running time, loading/unloading/full load display, emergency shutdown, operation mode, etc. And can record at least 30 pieces of historical alarm information, exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature historical information, with automatic and manual control (automatic loading and unloading) to achieve unmanned operation of the unit.

7. The exhaust volume can be automatically adjusted according to the gas consumption (the combination mode of full load/no load and proportional adjustment is 0 ~ 100%).


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