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Bubble Tea / Water / Coffee / Juice Plastic Tilt Cup Thermoforming Machine

  • PPTF-70T

PPTF-70T Automatic Thermoforming Machine special designed for high quality cups. Servo motor for sheet feeding and plug system. The whole line controlled by PLC. It is operates man-interface, which can works all by itself. Feeding system droved by chain and it adopt cam forming and cutting method. This is an automatic and efficient plastic cup forming machine which include feeding, heating, pulling, forming, cutting and stacking.

It is suitable for PP,PS PLA,PET,PVC etc material.
It mainly produces the containers such as water cups,drinking cups,milk cups,bowls etc.

1.Rapid mould changing device.
2.Buffer design is adopted for the width of chain holder thus eliminating chain binding condition.
3.resulting from insufficient heating of sheet.
4.Up and down ceramic heater are adopted for heating with several sets of SSR and PID temperature control.
5.Automatic stacker system.
6.PLC and humanized color touch screen control operation interface.
7.Mould automatic memory system.

Technical Parameter:

1Max. Forming Area680×320mm680×320mm762×470mm762×470mm
2Max. Forming Depth130mm180mm130mm180mm/200mm
3Max. Clamping Force250kN350kN500kN650kN
4Max. Dry Speed42 cycles/min45 cycles/min42 cycles/min42 cycles/min
5Max.Sheet Width 730mm730mm820mm820mm
6Sheet Thickness0.35-2.0mm0.35-2.5mm0.4-2.0mm0.4-2.5mm
7Up/Down Oven Heating Power70/60kW70/60kW80/70kW80/70kW
8Air Pressure7-8.5bar7-8.5bar7-8.5bar7-8.5bar
9Total power150kW160kW200kW220kW
10Machine Size12×4×3.5m12×4×3.5m13×4.5×3.8m13×4.5×3.8m
11Mackine Weight12000kg12500kg15000kg15500kg
12Industry Voltage380V/50Hz,3 Phase 4 Wire(other voltage can be customized)

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