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Automatic Disposable Cutlery Set Paper Knife Fork Spoon Making Machine

  • PPDCS-400

The product is made of pure natural plant renewable biological resources, and has undergone high temperature disinfection during the production process, and does not produce any waste liquid, harmful gas or waste residue.
The products meet the international environmental protection and sanitation requirements, are heat-resistant, water-resistant, and oil-resistant, and are suitable for microwave oven baking and refrigerator freezing and preservation.

PPDCS-400 paper knife, fork and spoon production line
Process flow: paper compounding → die cutting → forming → coating → finished product

Model PPDCS-400
Application Paper knife, fork and spoon
Material Paper web
Maximum forming speed 150 sets/min
Material thickness 600-1000Gsm
Maximum number of paper layers 9 layer
Total power 80KW
Power supply 380V / 50HZ (220V / 60HZ) three-phase, four-wire
Air consumption >= 2.0m3 / min
Installation area 100 square
Machine weight  5000KG

The production cost of standard knife, fork and spoon (158mm) is calculated.
1. Output: 9000 sets/hour;
2. Total weight of knives and forks: 9.8g/set;
3. material yield: 70-80%;
4. the whole equipment personnel: 4-6 people;
5. material: paper web;
6. The equipment covers an area of 100 square meters.



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