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Coffee Paper Cup Forming Machine

  • PPMG-C600

1. Transmission System: 
 (a) Using high-precision gear transmission, make the machine morestable, durable, more efficientand improve production efficiency.
 (b) Intelligent design, PLC automatic control system, make the machine more effectively improve intelligence. PLC is amove towards intelligent products.
(c) Paper cup bottom servo-driven, easy to adjust feeding the paper , but also to reduce unnecessary waste.
(d) The main part of new machine use open intermittent indexing mechanism with high. 
2. Precision and great output is more durable than traditional and has long operating life.
3. Automatic fault alarm, counting, stop action.
4. The automatic lubrication system, closed, without artificial gas, canensure the machine long time continuous high-speed operation.
5. Spare parts are all made of standardized production, strong commonality, swap performance is good, easy to maintenance.
6. Paper Requirements: the paper material can use by high-speed machine or general machine.
7. Collection parts : facilitate workers to operate, safe, reliable, savetime.

Technical Parameters:

4-16oz (mold exchangeable)
Top Size: 55-85mm
Bottom Size: 55-70mm
Height: 60-135mm
Paper Material170-350g/m2 
One-side or Two-side PE Coated Paper
Capacity60-80 pcs/ minute
Power Source220V/380V 50Hz
Total Power7KW
Total Weight3000KG
Package Size(L*W*H)2650*1300*1800mm
Working Air SourceAir Pressure: 0.4Mpa 
Air Out-put: 0.6m³/minute


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