Function of Three-station Positive and Negative Pressure Blister Machine

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In recent years, the market everywhere can be seen positive and negative pressure blow-molding machine equipment, due to a wide range of applications, equipment operation is convenient, stable structure, small area, strong versatility, from automatic feeding coil, automatic execution, positive and negative pressure blow-molding, automatic punching and cutting artificial collection of finished products, a person can be completed, so deeply welcomed by the market.

Positive and negative pressure blister is a very smooth and high hardness of the product. Often used in food, hardware, electronics, stationery, medical supplies, daily necessities, cosmetics, crafts, toys and other industries. Our company automation machinery standard equipment has molding, punching side hole, punching bottom hole, cutting, stacking five stations, customers can choose the function of equipment according to their own product requirements.

Operation process flow:

1. The sheet material enters the automatic feeding system through the automatic feeding system.

2. The feeding amount of sheet material is controlled by photoelectric switch, and the automatic feeding chain rail enters the oven.

3. The sheet material from the automatic feeding chain rail through the oven heating sheet into the (first station) molding system, positive and negative pressure molding process in the mold to complete the cooling molding.

4. The formed sheet is fed into the punching system (second station) by the automatic feeding chain rail to complete the punching of products.

5. After punching, the sheet material enters into the punching system (at the third station) by the automatic feeding chain rail to complete the punching and cutting of products.

6. The sheet material after punching and cutting will be sent automatically.


Equipment features:

1, the use of industrial control PLC and microcomputer touch control display, human-machine interface, tunnel radiation double section or multi-section heating to complete the baking of materials, convex and concave mold can be formed.

2. Combined with positive and negative pressure, the thickness of the same material is better than the thickness of negative pressure blister product texture, gram weight is more stable, thickness is uniform.

3, positive and negative pressure function coexistence, product molding size accurate and stable.

4. Heating, molding, punching, stacking, counting and conveying are completed simultaneously. Only one person is required to pack the product into the box.

5. Servo control is adopted for molding, cutting, stacking and feeding, with no error.

6, many times vacuum, vibration demoulding, up and down mold movement, up and down stretch, the product effect is better.

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