How to improve the production health of lid machine?

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Now the lid machine in the implementation of the production of the lid, some of the lid will always appear some black spots and other pollution problems, so we need to improve the production of the lid machine health.

1. Chewing gum, eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed in the designated area of the cup making machine.This is because this uncivilized behavior will increase the finished cup's black spots, food residue may attract insects, dumpling flies and cause secondary pollution.

2. Hair and beard shall be restricted when working in the cup making locomotive shop. Long hair and beard shall not be allowed.This is because the static electricity generated during production will wind the bare hair into the machine.

3. The employee must go to physical examination and hold health certificate.

4. Do not wear jewelry, false eyelashes, false nails, nail polish etc. in the factory, which may contaminate ingredients and chips if dropped into materials.

5. Employees should wear clean uniforms.

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