Plane Mechanism of Cup Lid Machine

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The basic content of force analysis of the plane mechanism of the cup cover machine is that when the size, mass distribution and movement of the mechanism are known, according to the external forces acting on the components of the mechanism to determine the restraint reaction in the motion pair, and in order to maintain the active part for a given movement and should be added to some components of the balance force (or balance moment).

For the magnitude and nature of these forces are very important factors in the design of new machines or in the improvement of existing ones. For example, in the BOPS thermal molding machine design, in order to carry on the strength calculation of the parts, in order to estimate the mechanical efficiency and in order to determine the type of bearing used and study the wear and lubrication in the moving pair, it is necessary to determine the restraint reaction in the moving pair. In the design of a new machine or in order to tap the production potential of the existing machine, it is necessary to choose the appropriate motor (or other prime motor) or determine the maximum working resistance that the machine can overcome, which needs to determine the balance force of the mechanism.

In the analysis of mechanism force, the force acting on the stacking mechanism is usually divided into two categories: known external force and constrained reaction force. The known external force can be divided into two categories: driving force and resistance. Driving force is the force that accelerates the motion of the active part, while resistance is the force that decelerates the motion of the active part.

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