Production And Application of Automatic Multi-station Positive And Negative Pressure Thermoforming Machine

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Plastic thermoforming machine can produce with perforation or without hole positive pressure molding process, negative pressure molding process and positive and negative pressure molding process of plastic products, all products in this equipment once completed, without two processing. The cutting edge is smooth, the wall thickness is symmetrical, the hygiene requirement and the automation degree is high, it is suitable for the production of large and small batch products with high requirements of precision and hygiene.

1. Electronics: electronic products semi-finished products production line turnover tray, electronic products finished packaging, etc.

2. Food: frozen food packaging tray, ice cream lid, ice cream box, cup lid, food packaging tray, fast food box, dinner plate, coffee beverage cup lid, cooked food packaging box, jelly cup, moon cake holder, CPET microwave oven tray, etc.

3. Fruits and vegetables: fresh food packaging tray, fresh food packaging box, etc.

4. Medicine: injection tray, solid state drug tray, bottle tray, etc.

5. Electrical appliances: refrigerator lining, electrical plastic accessories, small electrical packaging, etc.

6. Tools: external packaging of finished tools, etc.

7. Wine: bottle packaging fixed tray, etc.

8. Agriculture: flower pots, rice plates, etc.

9. Auto parts: parts blister packaging, parts finished product packaging, etc.

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