Sheet Extrusion Machine Operating Procedures

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1. Before starting up, check the electrical and mechanical parts of the equipment and start up production after confirming the correctness.

2. Preparation before production: operators should wear protective articles to avoid burns. Preheat press roller to required temperature according to process requirement. Check the water source and fill the hopper.

3. Starting up production: the operator should concentrate on measuring the thickness and width of the sheet at any time, adjust the rolling speed and roll distance in time, ensure the sheet thickness is even, and do not allow surface scratches, bumps, uneven edges and other phenomena.

4, note the size of the same, smooth surface, neat.

5. In case of equipment failure during operation, stop the machine immediately and inform the equipment maintenance personnel for maintenance.

6. Carefully keep production records and shift records.

7. After the work, clean the equipment, turn off the power and clean the site.

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