The Character of Automatic Plastic Lid Machine

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Now the mainstream of cup is automatic plastic lid machine, low heat resistance as a result of the plastic material itself, and chemical properties of stability, low cost, good corrosion resistance, so used to the glass industry is very common, but also due to the high plasticity plastic now makes the lid of the machine can produce all kinds of plastic cup. This is also the main reason why plastic materials are used in the processing and production of plastic cups, and the overall development of the cup making machine is also a disposable plastic cup and ordinary plastic cup molding equipment.

The machine currently consists of a number of systems, including a sheeting machine that processes plastic materials to make them processable plastic sheeting materials. There is also a microcomputer control system for monitoring the whole process of the plastic cup making machine and the specification setting of the plastic cup. The cup folding device is also a part of the cup making equipment, which can stack the plastic cups more quickly and facilitate subsequent transportation, which is the main feature of the plastic cup lid machine at present.

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