The Quality of Automatic Thermoforming Machine

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How to judge the quality of automatic thermoforming machine? 

Every machine is not perfect. Automatic thermoforming machine is no exception. 

In some cases products produced may have no disadvantages. 

How to identify the product? It can be judged from several aspects.

1. Wire drawing: Wire drawing is also a bad product of plastic suction. And it's a serious quality problem. Specifically, it refers to the pultrusion on the finished product with an arch, and there is a wire between the slot and slot connected together.

2. Water lines: refers to the blister sheet production into the process of blister packaging, because of different materials and processing technology, make the finished goods like water at the surface of the corrugated, it especially in a transparent blister die test appeared in the process of production, this situation is very common, but if when water ripple obviously is very big, and a lot of time, it is also seen as the product is unqualified, but most of the PVC have phenomenon of water ripple.

3. Crystal point: Crystal point is a term for an undesirable phenomenon. Refers to the product out or raw materials above a transparent little point, when the material or the production of the product out of such a transparent little point, on behalf of the raw materials or finished products are defective.

4. Scratches: This is also one of the adverse phenomena, which is difficult to prevent in blister packaging products. This kind of circumstance also can cause the scrap rate of blister factory in great quantities. Specifically, the surface of a blister product is scratched with obvious marks, which is called a scratch.

5. Suction not in place: also belongs to a bad phenomenon. It just means that the finished product is not a model like the real thing that can be fitted in, for example, a right Angle, because the suction is not in place and it becomes a semicircle. The blister pack is also not available.

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